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Kingston KS500EP

 The New art of Perfect Sporty Heaters

Centon Kenya Limited now brings you the Kingston KS500EP series of Sporty, Stylish and Slim look. These heaters come in a choice of three colours, Cosy Green, Cosy Grey and Cosy Purple. It comes complete with the new Aqualani 5-spray shower rail set and pop start valve. The heater design and quality shines beautifully to all discerning bathrooms and is in-cooperated with the latest Electronic Control System that would deliver the most comfortable showers!


Technologically Advanced Electronic Control System

The electronic control system provides easy selection of variable shower temperature by simply turning the temperature control knob. Quality comes with the state of the art built in technology and is manufactured with the stringiest ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.

As Centon Kenya we care for your needs and bring you our new ERA of technologically advanced Kingston KS500EP series to provide you the most sensational showers.

Safety comes with the latest technology built-in Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker (ELCB), and is manufactured in accordance to the stringiest ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards. ELCB sensitivity of 15mAmp would automatically cut-off power supply in the event of current leakage and prevent electrocution.


Other safety features include:

    • Anti Leak Tank Design – provides additional safety to the users
    • Pressure switch triggering system – only operates when there is sufficient water pressure
    • Heating Element – only activates when there is water flow, as a result of activating the stop cock to prevent a possible dry run.
    • Thermostat automatically cuts out at 550c. This acts as anti scalding
    • Splash proof panel.


A.C Booster Pump

Built to be more efficient, this pump can boost the water flow up-to 500%. It comes with a speed control feature to control the volume of water flow.

It simply gives more life and fun in the bathroom!


Technical Specifications

      • Heater Electrical Rating 5.5kW 220V – 240V AC, 50/60Hz
      • Minimum Water Flow Rate 2litre/minute
      • Maximum Water Pressure 3.87f/cm2(55 psi)
      • Water Temperature Control Electronic control
      • Water Connection 15mm diameter (1/2” BSP)
      • Dimension 238mm x 388mm x 100mm(h)
      • Weight 4.3 Kg
      • AC Pump Electrical Rating 120W 220V – 240V AC

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