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Generation WH8338EP

Centon Generation WH8338EP is a luxury family heater with a powerful 5.5 kW element which gives comfortable hot water even at, maximum water flow.

Centon Kenya Limited are the sole importers of Centon Heaters in Kenya and support a three year written warranty of the heating element and a one year warranty on the motor of the pump.

The Generation WH8338EP comes with the following features:

  • Electronic variable temperature control.
  • Multi spray pulsation sensation.

Other Features

  • Thermal cut out prevents over heating.
  • High and Low water pressure.
  • Splash proof panel.
  • Anti-leak tank.
  • Built in Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker (ELCB).
  • On/Off water saver with a new pop-start regulated stop valve.
  • Booster pump with a more powerful electronic variable speed controller of 120W pump giving more showers        against non-pump models.

Safety Features

  • Flip Start Flow Switch – the electrical supply to the unit will only activate, once the water flows through the system.
  • Anti Scalding – with a built in thermal cut out, once the temperature in the system reaches 55°C the power supply is        cut off, to the heating element thereby preventing scalding.
  • Anti-Leak Clamp Tank Design – the storage tank in the system has a rubber seal preventing leakage into the        system.
  • Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker (ELCB) safety – protects against electric shock due to a spike or surge in the power        supply.

Technical Specifications

  • Heater Electrical Rating – Available in 6.0 kW, 220-240V A.C, 50/60Hz
  • Minimum Water Flow Rate – 2 litres/min
  • Maximum Water pressure – 3.87kg f/cm2(55psi)
  • Water Temperature Control – Electronic Control
  • Water Connection – 15mm dia. (1/2″ BSP)
  • Dimensions – 220mm x 330mm x 96mm (H)
  • Weight – 5.0kgs
  • Pump Electrical Rating – 120W, 220-240VA.C, 50/60Hz