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Slimax SH300E/700E

Tired with bulky water heaters? Fancy an eye-refreshing bathroom? The new Slim & Beautiful Centon Slimax SH300E and SH700E series is the answer.

Its design is an Art of Excellence and is skilfully crafted with and Everlasting Impression. It comes with 6 colour choices in perfect decorations with the bathroom interiors. Its finishes shine beautifully. The heater is complimented by its value for money shower accessories.

The slim shower rail and elegant 5 spray handset blend in harmony with the heaters. Centon now brings you the new ERA of Sleek & Stylish instantaneous water heaters in SLIM-fit design.
The Colours include Cosy Blue, Cosy Gold and now introducing the Cosy Silver Grey in the Slimax 300E range and the Solid Blue, Solid Gold and now introducing the Solid Silver Black in the Slimax 700E range.


Anti Leak Tank Design

Pressure Switch Triggering System

Heating Element

Anti Scalding

Splash Proof Panel


RCD Safety


Technical Specifications
Heating electrical rating
5.5kW, 220-240V A.C, 50Hz
Minimum water flow rate
2 litres/ min
Maximum water pressure
3.87kg f/cm2 (55 psi)
Water temperature control
Electronic control
Water Connection
15mm dia. (1/2″ BSP)
278mm x 618mm x 92mm
3.30 kg

Stepless Electronic Control

Allows users to make fine power adjustment to produce desired temperature

Splash-Proof Casing

Protection against water jet spray from all possible directions.

Built-in RCD

Life-saving device which cuts off power supply in the event of current leakage, protecting users from getting electric shock.

Built-in Voltage Surge Protector

Protects internal electrical circuit from electrical surges and voltage spikes, including those caused by lightning.

Built-in Flow Sensor

Cuts off power supply in the event where water flow is less than the rated flow that might result in internal overheating.

Double Function Thermostat

Additional manual reset function in the event of abnormal temperature rise, protecting users from the risk of scalding.

UK Technology Heating Element

Advanced heating technology providing users with instant hot shower water flow, with a guaranteed 3-year warranty.

Unlimited Capacity Hot Water Supply

Tankless instantaneous water heater technology provides on-demand constant supply of hot water instantly without the need of waiting.

Multi-Spray Hand Set

Shower Hand Set selection allows users to select preferred shower spray pattern for optimum shower sensation.

Pop-Start Regulated Stop Valve

Switch on both the water supply and water heater in just a tap, with the flow rate preset to your previous usage. No knob turning needed.

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